Fundraising Update

Last week I hosted my first fundraiser, ‘A Cuppa for CF.’ Even before the main event I was thankful to receive such great support in terms of donations. Big thanks have to go to Greggs who made a large donation of doughnuts. Good Brews who donated a massive rainbow cake, which was very well received! Cupcake and Co who made bespoke cupcakes in The CF Trust colours of yellow and black. My friends, family and neighbours who also supplied gorgeous baked goods. Cupcake and Co deserve a special thanks as they were truly a random act of kindness. Following a plea for help in a local parenting network, Joanne said she would donate and support my event. The company have no links to cystic fibrosis which makes it even nicer. So you all know where to go now for all your cupcake needs in the future! They also have a stall at the Harton Quays Craft Fairs so do pay their stall a visit!

Despite my jitters, the event was extremely well attended so apologies if I didn’t have the time to chat to everyone. With the help of my sister and a marvellous urn haha we managed to get teas and coffees to everyone while my auntie organised a raffle and a kind friend entertained little ones with some facepainting (Sheridan Facepainting on Facebook.) The grand total for the afternoon came in at £450! So overwhelmed and grateful for such wonderful support. Even those who couldn’t make it and still sent donations, thank you!

Another act of kindness happened this week when an old school friend also offered to help with our fundraising. Simon, is attempting to run a half marathon in under one hour and thirty minutes! Something he has never done before so this will be a true test of endurance. Simon has followed Harriet’s progress through these updates and asked if he could be of any help. Lovely stuff. This is going to be a real challenge so please click here to sponsor and support.

As always we continue to collect stamps for The Stuart Gordon Fund. Used stamps are converted into cash and fund a single research project which is showing very promising results in terms of addressing the root cause of CF. We had a huge donation recently from a local church. My dedicated auntie and uncle spent weeks trimming and posting them! Huge thank you to all involved.

My artist auntie will continue to sell her artwork at The Harton Quays Craft Fairs on the first Sunday of each month with proceeds going to The Stuart Gordon Fund too. Please pop along and show your support.

If anyone has any ideas on what we can do next or if you would like to help in any way please get in touch. My baby and so many others desperately need a cure. If you would like to read more about cystic fibrosis click here.


A Cuppa For CF

Just a brief update from me as I am running on approximately an hours sleep for the week! This Thursday is my fundraiser for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, ‘A Cuppa For CF.’ I really hope lots of people come, everyone is welcome, bring your children, grannies etc! My house will be open from 12pm-4pm for everyone to come, have a cup of tea, a cake and a catch up. I have been lucky to have had a very generous donation from Greggs and a large rainbow cake from Goodbrews Cafe, Gateshead so very big thank you to those involved.

I have also had some kind offers of bakes from friends and neighbours but I would still love to get a special CF related cake made. If anyone knows a talented baker who would like to show off their skills I would love to hear from you. Something to really stand out at the event would be amazing, a big yellow cake or a set of cupcakes with yellow icing, yellow being the colour of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, my eighteen month old daughter has cystic fibrosis. A life shortening, genetic condition that affects many organs. As a mother, I can’t face the prospect of outliving my beautiful little girl so we are doing all we can to raise funds for new treatments and potential cures. Any support would be so gratefully received.

Lastly, another one for everyone local to me. The Harton Quays Craft Market is starting up again next Sunday, 1st May 10.30am- 3pm. My very lovely and very talented Auntie will be there for each one selling her artwork for The Stuart Gordon Fund. This charity funds one single, very promising project into a life changing treatment for cystic fibrois sufferers. Please if you go along to the market, have a look at her wonderful stall.

If you would like to learn more about cystic fibrosis and other ways you could help please click

Fundraising Update and Big Thanks!

My first baby was a terrible sleeper, my second is going the same way so I have a lot of thinking time in the small hours. I keep thinking, ‘what else can I do? How can I raise more money to help cure cystic fibrosis?’ I never ever want to get to the stage where I have to say I could have done more. My family on the other hand could not do any more. They are fantastic and will keep going and keep raising to help Harriet and all CF patients. We have already raised somewhere in the region of ten thousand pounds since our little girl was born almost eighteen months ago. Not long after we were discharged from hospital (Harriet was born with meconium ileus so required surgery) my Dad rang me one evening to tell me to put Channel 4 News on. Low and behold there was someone saying they believed they had found a cure for cystic fibrosis! At first we began to question whether this kind of news item appeared often. We knew virtually nothing about CF till our second daughter was born, and would not be looking for news on it. Well, eighteen months down the line we continue to raise funds for The Stuart Gordon Fund who support Dr Mehta and his colleagues with their work. For the full story click here.

To raise money we have held quiz nights, coffee mornings, sold arts and crafts and collected stamps, to name a few. Recently my family organised another brilliant quiz night which raised £1000! Not only do we owe them a million thank yous, putting a superb quiz together, I’m sure, is no easy task! We would like to thank all of the people, companies and businesses who donated amazing prizes for the raffle. So a huge thanks must go to The Barbour Foundation for donating the first prize (which was a voucher for a jacket worth £89.95!) and Fenwick of Newcastle for a gift hamper. The following all generously gifted vouchers: Beamish Museum, Pickings, Customs House, Janice Egglestone, No. 4, South Tyneside Kettlebells and Taz Mahal. Also to Durham County Cricket Club for the top and Lynne Croft at Thrives Atoms. For all those people who brought things along to be raffled, gift sets, bottles etc thank you! And just thank you for coming and supporting us – even those people who couldn’t make it and still made a donation, thank you!  Finally we couldn’t have done it without the free use of the room at Boldon Cricket Club and to the band for keeping everyone entertained. If I’ve missed anyone out here’s a big THANK YOU! You are all amazing.

Aside from monetary donations we continue to collect stamps and recently it was announced that the used stamps appeal has raised £1,635.58! Please keep collecting, asking workplaces or, if you’re like my Dad, ask anyone you come into contact with! He has chemists, car dealerships, post offices, supermarkets and anywhere else you can think of keeping their stamps for us! Harriet is so lucky to have so many people who just idolise her and will do anything to help. Download a poster here.

We also fundraise for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust who fund lots of different projects in the UK. My husband, sister-in-law and friends have all ran The Great North Run for the trust and will continue to do so. We also have one new recruit to Team Corr this year: my best friend’s husband whose donation page I will link below. Please consider sponsoring him or why not sign up yourself? Click here for details! The other JustGiving pages have not been set up yet but I’ll link them in future posts.

The CF Trust have a ‘wear yellow’ day each year and this year it is on 1st July. Would anyone consider asking at work or school whether they could have a wear yellow day? Like a non uniform day, pay a pound and potentially raise lots and lots of money! If a few schools could support this we could make a huge difference. PLEASE!!!!!

Finally, I am organising a a small fundraiser of my own (eeeek!) at my house. ‘A Cuppa for CF’ will take place on Thursday 28th April from 12pm onwards. Obviously friends, family and neighbours are all welcome. Now I can just about manage to make a cup of tea or coffee but anyone who went to school with me and happened to witness the weekly disasters I produced in Home Economics knows that I am no baker! So if anyone could make a little something (or a big something!) that would be great! Ideally a local baking company will make me a huge ‘Cure CF’ cake! Dream big! Again, any help with this would be greatly appreciated and hope to see lots of people there.

If you would like to sponsor Adam click here.

If you would like to learn more about Cystic Fibrosis click here.



Fundraising Update

It’s been a while since I last posted on our fundraising efforts and obviously these are THE most important posts so here goes…

The next big event is a quiz night at Boldon Cricket Club, East Boldon, Friday 4th March. The night will consist of a quiz followed by live music starting at 7pm. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets please let me know or a family member. It would mean the world to us to see our friends there supporting our cause. Get a team together pronto!! If anyone would like to donate a raffle prize we would be extremely grateful. Do you work somewhere that could offer a voucher? Do you know anyone who owns a business that could donate something? Do you have a spare bottle to offer for our drinks hamper prize? Anything, no matter how big or small, it all helps. The last two quiz nights have been fantastic and have raised an awful lot for Cystic Fibrosis research so here’s to another amazing night, hope to see you there.

The ballot was drawn this week for The Great North Run and I know of a few people who were disappointed to not get in. Why not run for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust? A guaranteed spot in the worlds most prestigious half marathon for a pledge of £325 in sponsorship. I know this sounds like a lot but I am pretty sure that the amount is higher for other charities so choose us! Please! Last year the atmosphere just being in the crowd was phenomenal, we stood out for most of the race cheering on all the runners, spotting the CF Trust yellow vests. My husband and sister in law are up for the challenge again, they did so well last year! This year Chris is going for under two hours – just putting it out there publicly for him haha- might spur on his training efforts!

Recently I was gifted two theatre tickets to sell by a very generous lady who is a great supporter of our fundraising. With the  help of our lovely CF North representative we managed to raise a whopping £178 not bad when we were initially going to sell them off for a lot less. Thank to everyone who bought a bonus ball and I hope the winner has a great night- not bad getting a pair of tickets for £3!

We continue to collect stamps for The Stuart Gordon Fund. I don’t think a day goes by without someone telling me they have stamps or their workplace is now collecting for us. It doesn’t sound a lot but it all adds up and helps fund vital research. Click here to download a poster to put up where you work please! Thank you to everyone who continues to keep them coming too!

In twenty years time I want to be able to say that my daughter HAD cystic fibrosis meaning it was cured rather than it taking her away from us. Please help us make CF a thing of the past.

Finally, there’s only a few days left to sign this petition for access to precision medicines for CF sufferers. If you haven’t already signed please spare a few minutes as every single one can make a difference. Click here.
To find out more about Cystic Fibrosis and the ways in which you could help click here.


Fundraising Update

Anyone used to watch Blue Peter in the eighties? Remember the totalisers they used to have? Well that’s what I feel we need right now!  Since Harriet’s birth last October and subsequent diagnosis of CF we have managed to raise almost SIX THOUSAND POUNDS (I am shouting!) for research into this awful disease. Let’s just take a quiet moment to appreciate that.

Through various fundraising events we have hit this total and we will not stop until there is some hope for my daughter and all others with cystic fibrosis. None of this could have been achieved without the support of our families and friends and we just cannot thank them enough. Our most recent event, pictured below, was a quiz night which was a great success. The total raised was one thousand pounds, we were at nine hundred and forty but the band who played on the night kindly donated their fee to take us to the one thousand mark. Amazing stuff.

This was the second quiz night organised by my family and I remember how I could hardly speak to anyone at the first one without wanting to cry! The thought that all of these people had gone to so much of an effort to help my baby was very emotional.  It is very true that as time goes on you do get stronger and stronger. Harriet came to this quiz and was such a little star. She was passed round everyone without any fuss. She particularly enjoyed the raffle, see picture below, for which we had some fantastic prizes. This leads me into some thanks for all those companies who kindly donated: The National Trust, Beamish Museum, The White Lead, Jillian Dixon Photography, Relax and Glow, Salon Forty, Julie at Beautiful, Linda Pearson Floristry and all those who gave us bottles and gift sets too. All truly appreciated.

We have other things ongoing which you can help with too. My gorgeous Auntie also sells her artwork for Cystic Fibrosis on the first Sunday of every month at Harton Quays Craft Fair near the Customs House. Despite the wind and some gazebos going off into the River Tyne (!)  she had a great day of trading this month. Please pop along to see her next time, she is a very talented artist.

On Saturday 20th June we have a stall at Westoe Village Fair where you will be able to purchase hand made crafts as well as a selection of art. It would be lovely to see some familiar faces supporting our cause.

We also still collect used stamps which can be turned into cash for The Stuart Gordon Fund. Recently we have received so many and for May the charity received a donation from Citadel Stamps for £872 and I am sure we will have had a lot to do with that! Many thanks to all of those collecting for us, please keep going.

Finally my husband Chris, his sister Emily and my friend Marie are all doing the Great North Run in September for the CF Trust. They would really appreciate some sponsorship to keep them motivated with their training (ahem, Chris Corr!)  The links are below, please help if you can.




Can You Help?

Following on from all the upheaval of the last few weeks I thought now would be the time to ask for everyone’s help, no matter how big or small in trying to raise funds/awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. As I have said in previous posts, we remain ever positive and hopeful of a cure being found if not a treatment which keeps CF symptoms at bay for sufferers like Harriet. I am certainly not asking for money although if you’re mega rich and want to make a huge donation then go for it!

First off we collect used stamps for The Stuart Gordon Fund. All money made from this goes directly to a researcher who believes he is working on a potential cure for Cystic Fibrosis; see here for full details. We have had so many from factories, schools and workplaces so it’s easy to do and it all adds up. There is a poster here you can print out and stick up wherever you work, workout, worship etc. Just try to ensure there is at least a one centimetre border around the stamp please.
We have a stall at Westoe Craft Fair, South Shields, 10am-4pm on Saturday 20th June so anyone local please pop along and say hello. Also to anyone living nearby there is a charity night at The Hebburn Legion Club on Saturday 4thJuly organised by another family affected by Cystic Fibrosis. A group of us are going so if you would like a ticket click here. It would be great to see familiar faces there supporting a great cause. And if you can’t make it how about donating something for a raffle prize?

Anyone having a Spring clean like I am at the minute can sign up here to donate any old clothing with the proceeds going to the CFTrust. I have also spotted these, grow your own sunflowers for CF, which would be great to do if you have little ones who love getting dirty in the garden!

Our latest fundraising idea is to collect as much unwanted gold as possible! I am sure a lot of you reading this have broken earrings, necklaces with knots in, rings too big or too small that are just gathering dust in a jewellery box. You probably wouldn’t think to do anything with them, and even if you did you would not get much money for just one or two pieces but we may get more with a substantial amount. If you find anything and want to do some good with it then please pass on to me or a member of my family. Like I said before I make a lovely cup of tea for anyone who wants to bring me things for our cause!
Lastly, we still have my husband Chris, sister-in-law Emily and good friend Marie all training hard for the Great North Run in September.  If you would like to sponsor one of them or all three (!) please do.
Many thanks to everyone who has already done something for Cystic Fibrosis but as I have said before we must keep going and continue to think of ways to raise money in the hope that one day this awful disease will be no more. If everyone who read this could do just one thing that would be incredible.
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch via my social media pages. You can also help by simply liking or sharing my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter. You can also subscribe to my blog here, there is a new post every Sunday at 2pm. If anyone has held a successful fundraising event or has any ideas on what we can do next please let me know.

Your Money or Your Stamps…

The Stuart Gordon Fund LogoPeople never fail to surprise me. The amount of offers of help and support I have had in the last few weeks since starting this blog has been nothing short of incredible. So much so that this post which had been planned for a few weeks’ time had to be brought forward to now. Since Harriet’s diagnosis my family have already managed to raise almost £3500 in a few months. Oddly, it all came about only a few days after we had been discharged from the hospital.

I received my nightly phone call from my Dad, and instead of the usual run down of shopping bargains he had managed to buy that day, he told me to watch Channel Four news. The item featured a breakthrough study into cystic fibrosis and that a potential cure could be found. Naturally we were sceptical as we had no idea at this stage whether this kind of news was reported on a weekly basis but it certainly got our attention and warranted further investigation.

In summary Dr Anil Mehta and his team had tested two drugs on ten patients of whom nine showed almost no symptoms of CF while taking this medication combined. (Anyone interested in the full version, click here.)  Nine out of ten isn’t a bad result, is it? We asked our team at the hospital on our next visit if this type of news item pops up regularly and they didn’t seem to think so. Another positive. It is, however, very early days for this study and to take it to the next stage the research needs more money.

My family got in touch with Anil Mehta who then passed on the details of The Stuart Gordon Fund.If specified, any money donated to this charity can go straight to Anil Mehta’s research. The charity does do lots of other fantastic work in their community for CF patients and sufferers of other chronic illnesses but anyone wishing to donate to the research side of things can do as long as it is made clear when donating where you want it to go.  Another, easier way to help is to save stamps. Not so easy for a household; I know we get very few letters with stamps on these days but we have, however, collected a lot from workplaces and churches. Chris works for Siemens who have been unbelievably supportive to our family at this difficult time and they save stamps for us, as does the school I used to work at. Citadel are the company who will take your used stamps and turn them into cash for The Stuart Gordon Fund. Anyone who knows me or who is local can pass stamps directly to me or members of my family – I promise to make a cup of tea in return! Alternatively anyone harbouring an old, unwanted stamp collection from days gone by could send that in too!

Another really simple way to help is to donate your old clothes. Instead of getting rid of all our old stuff in the odd bag we get through the door I have signed up here. It takes two minutes – every little helps!

My husband, bless him, is going to do the Great North Run this year for The CF Trust. Apparently The Corr family is blessed with a running gene; some family members represented the UK and were invited to trials for the Olympics. Chris does not possess this gene. That alone should persuade you to sponsor him. He has started his training and this picture was taken before his first outing – he’s going to kill me for publicising it! My sister in law and close friend are also running so I will link their JustGiving pages below too.

Aside from monetary donations, in five months my family have sold their artwork, held coffee mornings, given up alcohol for a month, donated proceeds from a gig and held a hugely successful quiz night. All absolutely brilliant and we could not be more appreciative and thankful. We must keep going though and continue to think of ways and means to raise money, and keep hoping that one day this awful disease will no longer exist.

If anyone reading this wishes to get involved do not hesitate to get in touch via my social media links. You can also help by simply sharing my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter. You can also subscribe to my blog here so you don’t miss anything. Finally, if anyone has any ideas for successful fundraising events I would also love to hear from you. Huge thanks!

If you would like to sponsor one or all three (!) of the following:

Chris Corr

Emily Corr

Marie Nesbitt