Team Harriet: The Great North Run 2016

Time is slowly ticking away and before we know it the day will be here of The Great North Run. One of the worlds most famous half marathons set in our beautiful home territory. Last year we had four runners who between them raised approximately two thousand pounds for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, how good is that?!

This year we have four runners again taking part to help our beautiful Harriet and everyone else in desperate need of a cure for CF. First up is Harriet’s Dad, Chris. Now, he will be the first to admit that training has not gone as well for him this year! So much so that he claims this year will be his last- worth a sponsor for that alone. I have no doubt that he will get it together for the actual day and pull off a respectable time. Last minute Larry that he always is!

Secondly, we have Harriet’s Auntie Emily, virtually a veteran GNR runner now. This will be her second year running for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and I know she will do well and support her brother along the way too. Third up is Harriet’s godfather, Chris’s best friend and all round lovely person, David. Now I’m expecting big things from David who is super fit and will no doubt find this years run a doddle. Lastly is our my best friend’s husband Adam. Like David, Adam is an experienced runner who is going for a personal best this year and there is no doubt in my mind he will achieve that.

We appreciate any support for our cause so much but when people offer to run a half marathon for your little girl, well that really is something else. I get teary just thinking about Team Harriet running all that way in the hope that one day we can all say we were a part of a cure for cystic fibrosis. Last year was such an amazing day, we will be there just up from The Robin Hood Pub with our CF Trust banners supporting all runners but saving our loudest cheers for those wearing their yellow vests.

Chris, Emily and David have a joint JustGiving Page as we all know and would ask a lot of the same people for sponsorship. Collectively they have to raise £1000 and at the time of writing this they are sadly nowhere near. Please, please consider donating what you can. Our runners are doing all the hard work it is much easier to press a few buttons and donate a pound or two.  Click here to support.

Anyone who knows Adam and would like to support and thank him for raising money for our cause please click here.

Huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far, we continue the fight against cystic fibrosis to ensure our daughter lives a long, happy and healthy life.

To read more about cystic fibrosis and find out about other ways you could get involved click here.

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