Harriet is Two!

I can’t believe that Harriet turned two last week, seems like she’s been here a lot longer as she really has packed a lot into two short years. She has had three major surgeries, a bronchoscopy and about a million viruses! Throughout all of this though she has remained a very happy and content little girl. In fact she was so content that she decided not to bother with walking until she was twenty-two months old. In typical Sod’s law fashion, a few days before she had to have bloods taken to test for all forms of muscular dystrophy she started to walk. Now, aged two she has just mastered jumping, much to her delight as she had been trying for a few weeks! Really good news for us now though as she can start on the trampoline which is great physiotherapy for her.

A few weeks ago Harriet had her second annual review. These appointments are in a normal CF clinic but take that little bit longer. A regular clinic appointment generally takes about an hour as we sit in our own rooms and staff come to us to prevent cross infection. After being weighed and measured we see a nurse, physiotherapist, dietician and a consultant but for annual review bloods have to be done and a chest X-ray. This time was the first time Harriet stood up for her x-ray and she was so good! In fact I couldn’t believe just how cheery she was all day with everyone who came to see her. She had been in a phase of being not so happy for members of the CF team to check her over so hopefully this is a thing of the past.

The whole review went really well. She had gained weight and height. Her blood results showed that her vitamin levels were really high so we have to drop another supplement which is fantastic. We are, however, picking up another antibiotic for the winter called Septrin which will hopefully prevent her picking up as many coughs and colds as she has done in the last year. Fingers crossed! She is also doing really well with her nebuliser that she started in June. She has her ‘bubbles’ once a day, usually early evening before her night time physio. We are so lucky that she is so compliant, for now anyway!

In terms of Harriet’s development she is really coming on a treat. She can now put words together to form sentences, not so great when she’s shouting ‘mammy juice NOW!’ She is enjoying one day a week at nursery, especially this last week as she got to take a birthday cake in and everyone knows just how much she loves her puddings. She is now trying so hard to run, she will count herself down then try to speed off but her little legs just can’t quite get there yet. She looks hilarious trying though.

For her birthday we are having a little party with family and friends. We are also taking her to see Frozen on Ice with her big sister and I can’t wait to see her little face. She is so very excitable, she squeals with joy just spotting a cat in the street so I’m guessing she’s going to be off the scale excited seeing Elsa and Anna.
Over the last two years we have been through so much as a family. There is a lot to learn still about cystic fibrosis but we will keep going, keep on raising as much money and awareness as possible while bringing up two beautiful girls. We will do everything we can to achieve a life unlimited for our our daughter and everyone else with CF.

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