Together for their Tomorrows

Imagine being friends with people you’ve never met? Maybe not so odd in this day and age with everyone being so very online but ok, imagine you had some mum friends who you could talk to online knowing your children could never meet. Children of all similar ages who would no doubt raise the roof and have a whale of time together but because they all have cystic fibrosis they can never be near each other. Sad huh? Support for those in the CF Community is pretty much all online. If your lucky enough you may find a local mum similar to you who you could meet up with, I am lucky to have this too (Hi Louise!) But everyday I chat to five other mums who I met in an online support group.

As individuals we have all done so so much in terms of fundraising for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust but have now decided to come together as a team to see how much we can raise collectively and keep raising awareness for CF.

This year we take on Great Strides 65. No mean feat indeed. All of our efforts are now being publicised on our Facebook page so consequently all of my CF updates will now be on that page too.

If you are on Facebook please pop along and say hello, like our page to keep up to date with all of our training and fundraising and most importantly to see how our gorgeous little CF’ers are doing.

Check out our page here.

Sponsor us here.

Find out more about cystic fibrosis and Great Strides 65 here.

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